By emma harding, May 10 2020 04:02PM

Hello, I hope you are well and doing okay in this insane situation we are all in.

Frankly, everything is a mess in the creative industries -- lots of things have had to come to a halt, people are struggling to make a living -- but it is heartening and not at all surprising to see how quickly the creative people get to work, set things up, support one another. It doesn't surprise me at all - our industry is built on the joy of problem solving. Adversity is built in. There's a solid foundation and belief, I've heard time and time again, that creativity heals and maintains the soul. Everything links up. Making art, music, stories is a very human thing to do. And it is good that on some level certain inequalities become challenged, that the livelihoods of artists shifts a little from the middlemen.

I've seen this happening with initiatives like Matthew Burrows Artist Support Pledge - @artistsupportchallenge where artists pledge to buy work when they have sold £1000 worth...

Another great initiative is the Paris Collage Collective weekly challenge @ParisCollageCollective where they select an image as a starting point for a theme. I have always made mixed media and collage work and as I found myself doing more during the lockdown I decided to take up the challenge.

It's been great, really enjoyable, and what was really nice is that Paris Collage Collective got in touch to ask whether they could interview me about my work. I was honoured, and they were really lovely - asking tough but fabulous questions - you can read what I had to say


My instagram link where I've been posting lots of mixed media and collage work, some for sale: @drawswithhand (please come and say hello, I'd love to see you there).

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and keep the magic of love and creativity alive (distance can be overcome!) E x

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