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"Emma Harding's paintings are of images of mountains, Mountains From Books, coloured in the manner of painting by numbers but with a nuanced palette, and personalised through the use of text drawn in the neat, handmade style of a concientious child enjoying some illustration. Images of the type that a child might find in the treasure trove of boxes in a loft, they hark back to comforting memories of past evenings spent, colours in hand, by the fire, in awe of faraway places. Her studied expression of earnest innocence stands in counterpoint to Jonathan Bentall's fruity colouring, impulsive scratching, tactile pleasure, his child enjoying the squidgy physicality of things, colours on hands."

Free for All

Kaleidoscope Gallery

Review by David Minton

Matterhorn No.1 Etna No1 72 snow-capped